Adoptive Parent Profiles

Susan & Peter

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

We got married 8 years ago and live with our sweet puppy Kai in a nice 4-bedroom home with a pool. It is a friendly community ten minutes from the ocean. We have had our share of great times and not so great times. Fun times have been spent with dear family members and friends and on family vacations. The tougher times have been trying to build a family with many losses of all kinds. But we are persevering and hoping for a miracle.

Susan is a clinical social worker and spent many years in school earning a Master’s degree at Columbia University and a doctorate at Yeshiva University. She wrote two books on the use of therapeutic activities to help children and adolescents cope and build their self-esteem. She has always loved being around children and is usually the one at family parties playing with the kids. She also has had the privilege to work with a number of foster care agencies and has always wanted to adopt. Hopefully now that time has come. Peter has a Master’s degree in business and is a banker in a major U.S city and has always wanted a family as well. Susan works part time from home and Peter works from home 3 days a week.

We believe women like you are miracle makers. Without you our dream of becoming parents would never happen. Any child that joins our family will know where they come from and the sacrifice you made. They will be loved and supported unconditionally so they can grow to value and accept themselves for who they are. They will have the opportunity to pursue whatever interests, activities, and educational dreams they may have. We wish you peaceful days ahead, whatever you decide.

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