Adoptive Parent Profiles

Jimmie & Katelyn

Hey there, we are Jimmie and Katelyn and we appreciate you taking the time to see who we are. We have been married for almost 4 awesome years and live in the country surrounded by family.  We are two high school teachers/coaches looking to start a family. Both of us have big families that we are very close to and we have always wanted the same for ourselves. Our home consists of two dogs and one cat that we love very much. As stated we both coach so our love for sports is a given. Most of our free time is spent outside with our pets, traveling and going on adventures, or spending time with family and friends. We are both very involved in our Church as well. It would be a blessing to both of us to start our family with adoption. We promise to love your child unconditionally and provide them with as many opportunities as possible. We know this is a life changing sacrifice, so we pray for the best for you and your child, no matter what.

Jimmie & Kate

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