Adoptive Parent Profiles

Elizabeth & Andy

We are so grateful you are taking the time to “meet” us through our portfolio and for your interest in getting to know us and our family.  We became a family through adoption when we adopted our children Henry and Georgie.  We are so hopeful to continue to build our family through the adoption process.  We hope through our stories and pictures you are able to experience the love we have for each other, our love for our children and the excitement we have in continuing to grow our family. If you choose adoption as the best option for your child, we would be honored to be chosen as the adoptive family.  Your child will be welcomed into a family built with love, respect, support and laughter.  Your child would be unconditionally loved and appreciated every day.  We believe in experiencing all the world has to offer, while also being grateful for the simplicity and beauty in everyday moments. As parents we have so much love to share and we look forward to treasuring each and every moment with a child we are blessed to raise. We hope knowing your child has the opportunity to join a warm and loving home brings you comfort and joy.  We wish you all the best of luck with your decision and we hope you will consider our family.

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