Adoptive Parent Profiles

Chad & Kirsten

Be strong. Be brave. Let everything you do, be done in love.

Hi. We are Kirsten & Chad.

We have been happily married for four years. We do not have any children. From the beginning of our relationship, we talked about our future children. We have always been surrounded by kids and never doubted once that we will be awesome parents some lucky day. The path to getting there has been a little different than what we expected. After three years of infertility struggles, we realized something greater was meant to be.

Kirsten is a teacher to twelve goofy, fussy, eager-to-learn 3 to 4 year old kids. For ten years now, she’s made a major impact on the development of the social and emotional skills of hundreds of children all while finding a way into their hearts. Kirsten is smart, kind, strong, caring, and deeply devoted to everything she does.

Chad is a director of software development. His unique background of computer science mixed with his natural abilities and passion for art lend a hand in his appreciation for a wide range of interests. He is wonderful with children. He loves spending time with our friends’ children, our niece, and nephews whether it be through play or showing his support in athletic events as a spectator or practicing in the yard together.

We are honored that you would consider us as the adoptive parents and home for your child. We have great respect and admiration for you, and we know that the decisions you are making are made from a place of love.

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