Moldova Adoption

Introduction to Program

The Republic of Moldova is a small and landlocked nation in Eastern Europe between Romania and Ukraine. In its history, Moldova has been part of Romania as well as the Soviet Union, and has been an independent nation since 1991. Moldova has a favorable climate, good farmland, and is famous for its wines. It is, however, a poor country, which accounts for the high placement of children in its orphanages.

Adoption in Moldova closed in 2001, and has recently reopened with new adoption law and regulations. The Ministry of Social Justice of the Republic of Moldova has accredited a few agencies in the US and Europe, and Beacon House is one of those agencies. See letter of accreditation here.

Only Hague accredited agencies are permitted to be accredited in the Republic of Moldova. Beacon House has been awarded Hague accreditation through COA. See certificate here.


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