Domestic Adoption

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Getting started with Domestic Adoption

Beacon House has many years of experience with all types of domestic adoption. Requirements and procedures for all the programs are very similar. Placements are made nationwide, and this agency has placed in a number of other countries.

  • How are birth mothers located?
    Beacon House uses a variety of methods to locate and attract birth mothers. Internet, yellow pages, classified advertisements, and of course word of mouth birth mothers refer others to us!
  • How are birth mothers treated?
    Birth mothers are treated with great care and understanding of the courageous plan they are making. This is critical for successful placements. Requirements for adopting families: Beacon House is primarily interested in making an adoptive placement that fits your family and fits the birth mothers wants and needs.
  • Do I want an open adoption?
    This agency does not promote either totally open or totally closed adoptions. Instead, we provide extensive counseling with the parties to the adoptive process to determine their expectations. Throughout the process, various options are discussed and considered to assure that no person involved in a particular adoption feels compelled to enter into an arrangement that makes them uncomfortable.
  • Does Beacon House have experience with Interstate placements?
    Beacon House is very experienced in working with interstate placements. Any time a child is moved across state lines for adoption, approval must be obtained from the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, an office in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands.
  • How are adoption consents done?
    The consent that allows Beacon House to place a child with approved adoptive parents is called different things in different states. Regardless of the terminology, it is the timing of the consent/surrender and its revocability that are important. Adoptive parents will be apprised of the appropriate information when considering a match with a birth mother.
  • What about bonding?
    Bonding is a process that can begin at any time after a child is united with parent(s), and continues throughout the years of the relationship. Early bonding is important, and can begin as soon as the child is placed in the physical custody of the adopting parents.
  • What is the waiting list like?
    The time frame from application completion, to match, is generally 3-18 months. Naturally, this time can be extended by the requirements of the adoptive family, or the needs of the birth mother.